Yukon Carbon SPIN™ Series Snowshoe 8″ x 25″ – Black/Carbon – Pair – 200 lbs Weight Capacity


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Yukon Carbon SPIN™ Series Snowshoe Pair 8″ x 25″ – Black/Carbon – 200 lbs Weight Capacity

This ultra-lite Carbon SPIN™ is the first FULLY CARBON 3K Snowshoe available that provides maximum strength and floatation over powdered snow. The NEW Polymeric Carbon Weave™ decking on the Carbon SPIN™ Series Snowshoe is engineered to provide the lightest and optimal performance than any other snowshoe design. The unique multiple-layer monocoque T3K CARBON™ ultra-lite material makes this snowshoe not only lightweight but unbelievably comfortable as well (ONE SIZE).

In a survival situation, snowshoes may be useful on snow, but it may also come in handy if you faced with volcanic ash from an exploding volcano like Yellowstone. That may be a stretch for some individuals, but considering all the catastrophic possibilities that can challenge your future, the Yellowstone Super Volcano is a real possibility. Depending on where you live in America, you could experience from 1/2 foot to several feet of ash which could make driving impossible. If walking is your only kind of mobility option left, you probably don’t want to be sinking up to your knees in volcanic ash fallout


  • SWIFT STRAP™ heel strap
  • SPIN™ BY NORTHWAVE dial binding system with an integrated toe box
  • Power cord
  • An integrated heel lift system
  • MOUNTAIN CLAW III™ front crampon
  • T3K Carbon™ Multi-layer lightweight frame
  • FREE FLEX™ axle system
  • POLYMERIC CARBON WEAVE™ decking material

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