XUANLAN EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT 13 in 1, Outdoor Survival Gear Tool with Survival Bracelet, Fire Starter, Whistle, Wood Cutter, Water Bottle Clip, Tactical Pen




  • ALL IN ONE XUANLAN EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT: Contains everything that a survivalist or outdoor enthusiast would need. Includes fire starter, scraper, Swiss card, flashlight, whistle, folding knife, tactical pen, Survival Bracelet, Wood Cutter, Water Bottle Clip and black box
  • UPGRADED FOR MORE SAFETY AND PRACTICALITY: 5-IN-1 paracord bracelet with embedded compass, fire starter, emergency knife & whistle; Cold Steel Military Knife blade with anti-rust, durable aluminum handle. 
  • BREAKING CAR GLASS IN EMERGENCY & SIGNAL TO RESCUERS: A tactical pen can not only be used for normal writing requirements, but has a dual function for breaking car glass in emergency. It can also be useful for self defense . The whistle made by Aluminum Alloy, generates sound as loud as 120 db. The high frequency design engineered into this whistle can be heard over exceptional distances if notifying emergency rescuer parties is needed.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE, WATERPROOF CARRY CASE: Dimensions 4.1″ x 1.8″ x 6.3″. Weighs 0.98 pounds.

Product description

Perfect Gift
the XUANLAN EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT includes the ultimate survival tools for wilderness survival, mountaineering, hunting and hiking trips. Depending on your personal situation, it could also be perfect for what your older children could use as a starter survival kit.

Extra Survival Bracelet:
5 IN 1 Survival Bracelet provides the 2nd defense for your safety with the inclusion of a High-Quality Compass, Fire Starter Kit and Emergency Whistle.

The military grade Compass features 360 degree rotating bezel for easy navigation & orienteering;.

Thermal Blankets
Since Thermal / Emergency Blankets help retain 90% of body heat, they are essential for preventing hypothermia. They can also be used as a signal, to make a shelter, or as an extra layer in cold weather.

Flashlight with 3 modes, includes an repeating SOS signal light.

Flint Fire Starter 
The pairing of magnesium and iron provides from 5000-12000 strikes for starting fires.


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