Survival Frog Solar Camping Lantern I Collapsible Flashlight with USB Emergency Power Bank Charger Great for Tent Camping, Hiking, Home & Auto

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Survival Frog Solar Camping Lantern

  • 4.5V SOLAR PANEL: Use the radiation of the sun. The Pocket LED Survival Frog Solar Camping Lantern provides more than 10 hours on one solar charge. It can also be used to charge your cell phone, and other electronic gear. In addition, this solar lantern can also fully recharge itself in 4-6 hours  of direct sunlight. Even with just 1 hour of sunlight provides 30 minutes of low level light. Also included is a smart chip, that protects the lantern  from overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuiting.
  • POCKET-SIZED & 2 FUNCTIONS: Weighing only about 5 oz., this compact (compressed)  lantern is small enough to in your pocket. Its telescopic function readily allows it to transform from a solar flashlight to camping lantern.
  • BUILT IN HANDLE & PHONE CHARGER: Surprisingly versatile with it’s durable crank handle, you can hang the Pocket Light inside your shelter and use it as a tent lantern, or hang it on a tree branch in the middle of the night for extra visibility. And charge your phone at the same time!
  • EASILY SIGNAL FOR HELP: Includes a flashing light signaling feature, making it ideal for emergency camping gear. If you get into trouble, use the multi-function lantern’s flashing setting and its emergency signal in order to signal for help from rescue teams. This could easily save your life and the life of your family!
  • BEST GUARANTEE IN THE INDUSTRY: We guarantee the Pocket Light with our 6 Month “Any Reason” Refund Guarantee. Ships from USA. Click Add to your Cart Now!

Product description

Power Devices, Signal For Help & Light Up Your Campsite

You can charge your phone or tablet, light your campsite, AND signal for help from rescue teams. An essential survival camping gear addition.  The Pocket Light’s multi-mode settings (2 level bright and super-bright luminous light, SOS emergency signal, USB charging capabilities, while making this camp lantern your new favorite survival gear. Compact and easy to carry, it’s nicknamed the Pocket Light because it fits in your pocket. It also clips to your tent for all night light, then solar charge the next day. Keep this rechargeable camping lantern with you in your camping gear and bug out bag to prepare for your next adventure!

The Pocket Light Collapsible LED Solar Camping Lantern by Survival Frog Includes:

  • 1 – 4.8 oz. outdoor collapsible solar light (flashlight, lantern, USB powerbank)

Pocket Light Features:

  • Versatility & Multi-Modes: Three distinct settings: Bright, Ultra Bright, and SOS Flashing. Use as a tent lantern, or collapse and use as a flashlight.
  • Solar Charge: Use the power of the sun. This rechargeable camping light will charge your cell phone, tablet and other electronic devices, and it can also recharge itself in a flash.
  • Pocket Sized & Compact: So compact it fits in your pocket. Telescopic function allows it to fold up to just 6 x 3 in — the perfect size to fit in your camping gear and bug out bag.
  • Hangs In Your Tent: Thanks to its durable handle, it can be hung inside your shelter, used as a tent lantern, or camp wide light for extra visibility at night.

100% Satisfaction with our 6 Month “Any Reason” Refund Guarantee. Click Add to Cart Now!

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