Rothco 3 Piece Canteen Kit with Cover and Aluminum Cup


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3 Piece Canteen Kit w/ Cover & Aluminum Cup

  • The Rothco 3 Piece Canteen Kit w/ Cover & Aluminum Cup with padded case, with Alice Keeper Clips

  • Aluminum Cup Features a Butterfly Handle, with a 24oz. Capacity. 

  • Canteen Is ISO Certified And BPA Free

Product description

This 3 Piece Canteen Kit w/ Cover & Aluminum Cup contains essential military camping supplies including a G.I style plastic canteen, felt-lined canteen cover, and heavy gauge aluminum cup. Used effectively by military forces for several of our countries wars, this has proven to be a simple and effective accessory for personally transporting and conveniently accessing drinking water. Lightweight and easy to carry, this simple combination of components has kept out front-line troops hydrated during WW II, Korea, and the Vietnam wars. Always a reliable and sturdy design, there is literally nothing that has proven to go wrong with relying on this canteen, cup, and carry-case.

What else can be said about this reliable, yet simple set-up. For shorter hikes or walks, this external canteen set up would probably suit your needs just fine.


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