Survival Gear 11 in 1, Tactical Flashlight, Compass, Fire Starter, Emergency Blanket

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11 in 1 Survival Gear

THIS 11 in 1 Survival Gear is designed to ensure you have all the basics for survival. It fits perfectly in your Tactical Backpack or survival Gear. This Emergency Kit has all the gadgets you’ll need: Compass, Flashlight, Whistle, Multifunction Tool, Solid Pen, Swiss Tool, Wire Saw, Flint Fire Starter, Emergency Blanket, Raincoat, and Waterproof Phone Case

This 11 in 1 Emergency kit can protect you and those dear to you from almost every unwanted, emergency situation. It can be used as a car emergency kit and fits perfectly in your tactical backpack. It includes all the essential gadgets for a Survival. This is also an important piece of gear for your earthquake survival and is an important fit with your bugout bag or hunting pack. The Compass is an important piece of gear for navigating the wilderness. The waterproof fire starter,  survival blanket, and emergency whistle, along with many more  important items will be invaluable for your survival. The 6 in 1 universal tool includes screwdrivers, fish scaler, cable scissors, to name a few, all in one tool.

Stop looking for any other birthday gift, this 11 in 1 Survival Gear would be perfect for nearly everyone.  A youth scout will be excited with all the tools needed in his or her hiking backpack. A must for any camping, hiking, biking, hunting or fishing! The emergency light and survival blanket can literally be a lifesaver. The loud whistle (120 dB) could be heard from miles away, while the 2.8″ wire saw would be important for cutting wood for a warm campfire. Find your way in the dark with the three flashlights when needed! This 11 in 1 Survival Gear should never miss from your emergency survival gear!

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