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PrimalCamp Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Flashlight I

Includes BRIGHT LED BULB: Includes an LED bulb for optimal brightness. Build-in solar panel permits ongoing charging during the daytime I EFFICIENT: After 6 min of hand, cranking produces 1 hr of light. An internal battery stores solar & cranking power so it’s always ready to use any time I COMPACT AND PORTABLE: An attached carabiner and keychain anchor provides a convenient way to transport the PrimalCamp Hand Crank, Solar Powered, Rechargeable LED Flashlight I  EMERGENCY READY: The perfect, reliable light source to handle any emergency survival situation.

Product Description

An excellent light source for outdoor use by focusing on the basic, primal needs to survive the wilderness with easy-to-use, quality gear.

This dynamo flashlight is solar powered with a hand crank, so there’s no need to depend on external power.

This light comes fully charged out of the box. To recharge it immediately, use the hand crank or exposing the solar panels to direct sunlight. There is one flashlight per carton.

BRIGHT LED BULB: Designed with an LED bulb for a brighter light. This little camping flashlight may not light up the whole forest, but it’s a perfect light source for use when hanging out in your tent, or cleaning up camp after dark.

EFFICIENT: Just 6 minutes of hand-cranking stores up 1 hour of light. The PrimalCamp Hand Crank I Solar Powered I Rechargeable I LED Flashlight efficient battery can store power all day so you can use your flashlight when the sun goes down. Your solar-powered flashlight can recharge in both natural and artificial light. Give it a quick wind up and get going.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE: An included carabiner makes this compact little flashlight easy to tote around. Attach it to your backpack, pant loop, or keychain so that it’s always right where you need it. Designed especially for camping and outdoor adventure, the flashlight is also lightweight.

OUTDOOR SUPPLIES: Add this convenient and compact flashlight to your survival gear kit, camping supplies or emergency pack so you have a reliable light source that never needs batteries!

PrimalCamp Hand Crank I Solar Powered Flashlight Hand Crank or Solar Recharging Features

No need to replace the battery for a LONG time.

  • One minute of hand cranking (at 2 rotations per minute) the flashlight will last at least 8 minutes
  • After a full 10 hours of direct sunlight, the battery can be fully recharged
  • The hand crank handle fits nicely into a pocket in the back of the flashlight
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Quick Use Carabiner Clip
  • Yellow Compact Flashlight

Carabiner Clip is Perfect for a Backpack

Easily clips to your:

  • Backpack
  • Belt loop
  • Bug out bag
  • Tent

The solar panel will continually charge the battery when exposed to sunlight.

  • Flashlight includes it’s an individually packaged box that is perfect for gift giving.
  • Instruction manual included as well


  • Just pull the hand crank out and start spinning for a quick charge

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