Orca Tactical MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch H2O Hydration Carrier Holder



Orca Tactical MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch H2O Hydration Carrier Holder

This specially designed, Orca Tactical MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch H2O Hydration Carrier Holder Rehydration backpack has several important features designed into it:

  • LARGER SIZE: Molle water bottle compartment DIMENSIONS 10″ H x 4.5″D. Total water bottle compartment DIMENSIONS 11″H x 4.5″D. Easily fits up to a 40oz Nalgene bottle, 1.5L water bladder, jet-boil cook kit and cup, or DJI Mavic Pro Drone folded up.
  • 4 MOLLE STRAPS: 4 strap attachment point design. Secures the MOLLE water bottle compartment snug to your gear. Prevents water weight gravity from pulling the pouch downwards or flopping around when walking or jogging.
  • DURABLE: Water bottle compartment is made from tough, 600D polyester material. 
  • LOTS OF STORAGE: Our MOLLE H2O compartment has top and bottom storage compartments. Front pocket storage with internal elastic bands. The front contains Velcro that includes a removable “H2O” identification patch. Or you can use the Velcro area to attach your own Morale Patch.
  • MORE INSULATION: MOLLE water bottle compartment has thicker insulation on the inside to keep liquids cooler longer.

This is a serious rehydration backpack for insuring you are not going to run “Dry”, when dealing with emergency survival conditions when the SHTF occurs. Water is the most singular important survival supply you must have in order to live for more than three days following a catastrophic emergency situation where you are required to live in primitive conditions resulting from a natural or man-made event.


Water Bottle Pouch Compartment: 10″H X 4.5″D
Total Pouch Dimensions: 11″H X 4.5″D
Accessory Pouch: 6″H X 4.5″L X 2″W

H2O Identification Velcro Patch

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