ISHIL WORLD Naturehike ML150 Double Mummy Sleeping Bag

$126.99 $120.75


The ISHIL WORLD Naturehike ML150 Double Mummy Sleeping Bag provides a versatility seldom found in outdoor sleeping bags. The following product description includes the primary features of this sleeping bag designed. It’s primary feature is it’s ability to attach two bags together (the second bag purchased separately) for an intimate nights rest for two people.

Product description:

1. Designed with a soft,  breathable fabric, 240T spring spinning, for optimal comfort.

2. Includes a double-sided zipper, so the bag can be used separately, or attached to a second bag.

3. This bag can be unfolded and used as a blanket.

4. Adaptable since it can be connected to a second ISHIL WORLD Naturehike ML150 Double Mummy Sleeping Bag for a more intimate configuration (only one bag included)

5. The bag is light weight and portable, when compressed to minimum size.

6. Nylon outer, anti-water splashing, life waterproof fabric.

7. This bag is designed with a sleeping hat, providing for comfortable stretch and personal protection from cooler night air and annoying critters.

This sleeping bag is designed to provide you sleeping comfort, whether recreating in the mountains or in a highly trying survival situation. This products offers you the flexibility to modify your sleeping arrangements from time to time, are needed.


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