Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava Face Mask, Wind-Resistant, Thermal Fleece, Black

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Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava Face Mask

The N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava Face Mask is designed to protect your head, neck and shoulders from cold weather and helps you stay warm day or night by holding the warmth  produced by your head from escaping into the cold night air.

  • WIND-RESISTANT: Wind-Fabric paneling over vulnerable areas protect against a variety of nature’s elements
  • BREATHE EASY: Helps prevent fogging of glasses and sunglasses with a mesh panel over mouth directs exhaled breath out and away from the body
  • FULL COVERAGE WARMTH Long length covers face, nose, mouth, and neck while maintaining breath-ability, especially when worn for warmth when sleeping
  • VERSATILE Functional, hinged hood that can be worn as a ski mask, head warmer when sleeping in a bag, or as a neck gaiter
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST Stretches to fit most heads
  • LIGHTWEIGHT Comfortably fits under a helmet or hard hat 


N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava Face Mask Product Description:

This balaclava face mask is made with high quality thermal fleece that protects head, face, nose and neck from the cold, day or night. The 4-way stretch polyester and long length comfortably fits most sized heads of both men and women.

Front paneling of face mask is made with wind-resistant fabric that blocks wind and protects face from the bite of cold day and night weather. Mesh opening fits overs the mouth to maintain breath-ability and to direct breath from you to prevent fogging of glasses

The hinge design facilitates wearing the balaclava face mask from ski mask to neck gaiter or warmer. Lightweight material keeps your head warm without feeling bulky and can be easily worn under a protective helmets.


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