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The LEGACY PREMIUM MANUAL DEEP WELL PUMP (25 FT. WELL) is simple and effective in it’s features and design, resulting in fewer moving parts and a reduced likelihood of anything breaking, resolving many of the problems currently associated with other hand operated well  pumps.. Made with flexible PVC tubing, this pump is easy to insert and remove from a well, as well as pumping water from a stream or a lake. Innovative engineering eliminates the need to drill holes through the well cover, while allowing you to store this pump inside your well, with no protruding handle for others to see, or draw their attention.  Anyone with basic handyman skills can adjust the length of the flexible pipe to its optimal length so it hits the well water just right for pumping.

Manual Deep Well Pump Advantages –

No Assembly Required– Ready to use right out of the box, just put it in the well. (Some pipe length may be required for optimal performance)
Lightweight- LEGACY PREMIUM MANUAL DEEP WELL PUMP (25 FT. WELL) weighs less than 15 lbs. complete. If using a smaller diameter hose is used, the  weight can be further reduced when a reduced column of water is required.
Flexible Design– Simple to insert and remove of a well, stream and lake.
1-Piece Construction– Simplified design reduces the likelihood of breakage at connection points like PVC section pump. This pump is also engineered to be less affected by cold weather.
Easy, Hidden Storage– This pump can be easily stored inside the well housing itself, and taken out when you need to draw water. It is small and light enough to be rolled up and stored it in your garage or along with your other emergency supplies. Since no holes need to be  drilled in the deep well cover, no pump handle remains sticking out from the top of your well, avoiding unwanted attention and potential contamination. Check out Legacy Premium videos about this pump – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USCy87kg-hg
Adjustable Lengths– Adjusting the pipe length only requires some standard tools and a little effort. Training documentation is available to help you with that.
Economical– Half the cost of most competitors.
Dependable– The one moving part design, incorporating stainless steel and aluminum pump parts and a metal handle, greatly enhances simplicity and reliability. Eventual replacement of a couple of o-rings (found at almost any hardware store) after thousands of pumps might be required. If and when replacement becomes necessary, unscrewing one fitting and replacing an o-ring  located within that fitting, can be accomplished by almost anyone.


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