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A LEGACY PREMIUM BASIC SURVIVAL GARDEN SEED ASSORTMENT kit is an essential part of any long-term, emergency survival plan. This gives you and your family the option of providing for yourselves with a food source by growing your own food, in the form of 15 different, delicious vegetables. The Legacy Premium Basic garden seed Assortment set includes over 15 types of vegetable favorites and will store 5 or more years long-term with an 80% germination rate. Up to 15 years with a 50% germination rate. These high-performance seeds were chosen for their reliable growing capability in all regions. A Growing/Storing booklet is included with each container of seeds.

Long-Term Storable Garden Seeds and Dried Seed Storage

For anyone investing in emergency survival planning, the need for clean water, nutritious food and durable shelter for your family is paramount. An important part of your emergency planning and long-term storage are viable seeds, and your ability to grow your own food.

LEGACY PREMIUM BASIC SURVIVAL GARDEN SEED ASSORTMENT provides you the opportunity of growing your own vegetable garden for you and your family. With this supply of seeds, you also gain the ability to barter for other products and gear your family may be in need of. Dried, long-term garden seeds are individually stored by vegetable type in re-sealable Mylar packaging. This packaging design gives you the option of growing the entire package of each seed type at once, or planting a portion of the package and keeping the remainder for later planning.

Legacy Premium’s non-GMO garden seeds produce a variety of garden vegetables full of all-important fiber, vitamins, and minerals. These Long-term seeds maintain high germination rates for five years or they can be stored in your freezer to extend that shelf life even more. Included in each tub of seeds is a 23-page book of Instructions, providing you the information for maximizing your garden yield. Once you are able to harvest your own fresh vegetables, you will find your plan to include long-term storable garden seeds with your emergency supplies that will be worth their weight in gold to you.

Package Information

Open-Pollinated Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds
Long-term, 5+ Year Storage
High Germination Rates
Growing Guide Included
Basic Garden Survival Seed Kit Features –
  • Specially Dried & Sealed for Maximum Storage Life
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • 5 Year shelf life with germination rates over 80%
  • Up to 15 years with germination rates over 50%
  • Store in Freezer to further extend storage life
  • Open-pollinated seeds – Recover and save seeds
  • Heirloom seeds
  • Non-GMO
  • Sealed in double thick mylar
  • Re-sealed in pest resistant bucket
  • Growing Guide Included

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