Koderock Outdoor Tactical Survival Kit – 23 Tools – Knife, Flashlight, Paracord Bracelet, Emergency First aid Blanket

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Koderock Outdoor Tactical Survival Kit – 23 Tools

  • ✅  KIT DESIGNED BY VETERANS: the tools in our Koderock Outdoor Tactical Survival Kit have been selected by Veterans who have experienced tactical situations and survival conditions. This is a piece of gear you want to keep with you or near you at all times, since one can never know when a catastrophic emergency will touch your life.
  • ✅ KIT COMPONENTS: 1) aluminum 200 lumen flashlight, high, low, and strobe modes 2) small cool folding pliers 3) 11 function swiss card multitool 4) tungsten tipped aluminum tactical pen 5) glow in the dark brass compass with rotating bezel 6) 10 feet of 500 lb. paracord bracelet with embedded compass, and 110 db. whistle 7) a large magnesium rod fire-starter with scrapper 8) aluminum 120 db. whistle with dry compartment
  • ✅ ADVANCE EQUIPMENT: 9) waterproof windproof 31 square ft. emergency thermal blanket for hypothermia, shock, signaling, or shelter (55″x83″) 10) five adhesive bandages 11) two gauze 12) two fishing hooks 13) two fishing weights 14) 25 feet of fishing line 15) stuffed into a water resistant hard plastic container that can withstand over 150 pounds and water resistant
  • ✅ SURVIVAL INSTRUCTIONAL 17 page EBOOK: with every order receive tips and tricks from real US Veterans on how to fully utilize this survival gear

Koderock Outdoor Tactical Survival Kit

Product description:

This Veteran designed survival kit is STUFFED with as much as we could fit in a compact, water resistant box for your convenience. It can be placed in the car, boat, backpack, bug out bag, glove box, anywhere.

TAC Yeti also give 100% manufacturer guarantee for any manufacturer problems for 90 days.

With your purchase:

➤FREE instructional eBook – Follow the card insert to find the FREE 12 page instructional eBook that shows each tool and the how-to of them
➤90 day 100% manufacturer guarantee
➤23 awesome tools
➤And you help feed and clothe orphans with every purchase

Tools inside:

-Spring-loaded Plier
-Paracord Bracelet
-Low-power CREE LED Flashlight
-Supa-slim Pocket knife
-Brass Compass
-Emergency Thermal Blanket
-Tactical Defense Pen
-Butterfly Handle Ferro-Mag Fire Starter
-11-Function Swiss Card
-Fishing Hooks, Line, and Sinker
-Emergency Whistle
-Gauze and Adhesive Bandages
-Water Resistant Durable Carrying Case

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