Honeywell Deluxe First Aid Kits with Plastic Case


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Honeywell Deluxe First Aid Kits  with Plastic Case

Any time you can get hold of a Honeywell Deluxe First Aid Kits  with Plastic Case with important supplies that could be invaluable in an emergency survival situation, it seems like a prudent thing to have. The possibility of a catastrophic emergency occurring is anyone’s guess, but like so many other important items to gather into your emergency preparedness plan, having the irreplaceable first aid supplies to treat your self and those you care about cannot be overemphasized.


Product Details:
Weatherproof, bulk, first aid kit includes a variety of commonly used items
Molded from high-impact polystyreneIncludes:
(1) Adhesive Tape 1/2 in x 2-1/2 yd
(1) Scissors
(1) Tweezers
(2) 2 in. Gauze Rolls
(2) Ammonia Inhalants
(2) Eye Pads
(20) Assorted Woven Strips
(4) Antiseptic Wipes
(4) Hydrocortisone 1%, Packs
(4) Non-Adherent Pads 2 x 3 in.
(5) 1 x 3 in. Woven Strips
(5) 2 x 3 in. Woven Bandages
(5) Fingertip Woven Bandages
(5) Knuckle Woven Bandages
(50) 3/4 x 3 in. Plastic Strips
(6) Gauze Pads 3 x 3 in.
(6) Triple Biotic Cream Wipes
Plastic Box

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