Bulk 2 GA. ThermaFuel-Diethylene-Glycol


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Bulk 2 GA Diethylene-Glycol ThermaFuel

Bulk 2 GA ThermaFuel – Diethylene-Glycol Fuel is a non-toxic, smokeless and clean burning fuel made with Diethylene Glycol. Usable indoors and outdoors with no carbon monoxide concerns. With a shelf stable of over 20 years, it makes the perfect fuel for cooking, heat and light in an emergency or recreational situation. These 1 gallon jugs of Bulk 2 GA ThermaFuel are perfect for the Refillable ThermaFuel Stove.

Bulk 2 GA ThermaFuel – Diethylene-Glycol Fuel Package Information:

About 88 Hours of Burn Time
Safe for Indoor Use
Smokeless and Odorless
In an emergency survival conditions, the basics you will always need are heat, light and the means to cook. With a 20 year self-life, ThermaFuel provides a non-toxic source for all three of these needs. As a clean burning fuel, it’s safe to use indoors. These bulk, 1 gallon jugs are the perfect emergency fuel solution for refilling your ThermaFuel Refillable Emergency Stoves.

ThermaFuel Features –

  • For use with the ThermaFuel Refillable Stove
  • Each 1 Gallon Jug Comes with 24 Replacement Wicks
  • Shelf Stable Diethylene Glycol
  • Over 20 Year Shelf Life
  • Smokeless and Odorless
  • Clean Burning – No Toxic Fumes
  • Safe for Indoor or Outdoor Usage

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