3M Respirator Cleaning Wipes 100/Box


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A convenient dispenser box with individually wrapped wipes to hold moisture in is an important feature of 3M Respirator Cleaning Wipes packaging

Protect you face-shield clarity and transparency with 3M Respirator Cleaning Wipes instead of using whatever is handy, like paper towel, facial tissues, etc. that can end up scratching you visor, leaving streaks and smudges that can obstruct your view. Well worth the investment if you want your full face respirator to last a long time without having to replace the face-shield prematurely.

In order to preserve the clarity and prevent damaging the respirator face shield, it’s important to use 3M Respirator Cleaning Wipes specifically engineered to minimize damage to the clear silicone face shield. This will extend the wearable function of the face shield by reducing damage. While this may seem like a relatively unimportant issue, with the investment you make in the full face-mask respirators, especially when they have been in storage as part of you emergency supplies, it’s important to preserve their function and operation so the respirator remains as functional as possible.


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