3M N95 Half Facepiece Respirator w/ Two straps, Non-Oil Use (20/Box)


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3M N95 Half Facepiece Respirator

Product Details:
3M N95 Half Facepiece Respirator includes a two-strap harness that provides a solid fit capability
Minimizes fogging of glasses with the use of a flexible aluminum nose piece,  insuring a best fit and seal
Enhanced filter media includes an advanced, electrostatically charged microfibers facilitates easier and cooler breathing

When it comes to filtering out debris to protect your lungs, this is a critical factor, especially when coping with the possible air pollution that could confront you during or after a catastrophic emergency that could product cubic miles of debris suspended in the air. These contaminants could be capable of causing damage to your lungs and resulting in far reaching, or permanent lung damage. Holding a tissue of napkin over your nose and mouth will be of little help. A quality respirator is the only option to prevent long-term damage. Who knows how long the air might be polluted, how long you may have to deal with particulate contamination in the air? Only a 3M N95 Half Facepiece Respirator will be capable of safely filtering debris from the air, and give you the protection you will need.

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