3M 6000 Series Gas/Vapor Cartridges, Organic Vapors, P100, Black (2/Bx)


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3M 6000 Series Gas/Vapor Cartridges, Organic Vapors, P100, Black (2/Bx)

The 3M 6000 Series Gas/Vapor Cartridges is designed to remove harmful gases and vapors from the air that can be toxic to the bodies lungs. The 6000 Series 3M Full-Face Respirator Series includes three different size products Small, Medium and Large, to adapt to the size face the are worn by. Model Number 6700 is rated as Small, Model 6800 is rated as Medium, and Model 6900 is rated as Large. This 600 Series is the top-of-the line Full-Face, designed for wearer comfort over extended periods of time.  During times of emergency, where your very survival is at stake, it is not difficult to imagine that harmful gasses and vapors may readily be released into the atmosphere. Your ability to safely cope with this kind of situation depends largely on your advanced preparation. “When the time of need is here, the time for preparation is past. Always a point to remember when anticipating and planning for the day when you may well be called upon to survive a catastrophic event that otherwise would cost your life and the lives of those you care about.


3MTM 6000 Series Gas/Vapor Cartridges

Product Details:
Unobstructed view facilitated by swept-back design
Bayonet design allows use with many 3MTM Half and Full Facepiece Respirators
Simple design minimizes training time

Testing and Approvals:
NIOSH approved for protection against certain organic vapors


Brand 3M
Color Black
Country of Origin US
Filtration Grade P100
For Model 3M™ Half and Full Facepieces 6000, 7000 and FF-400
Hazmat NO
MPI Catalog YES
Quantity 60 per case
Rank Rank_A
Resistance Organic Vapors
Safety Catalog YES
Type Cartridge
UNSPSC 46182000
Usage Contaminants
Used With 6000 Series; 7000 Series
Wt. 0.2 lb

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