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At, it is our highest priority to bring to you the widest selection and finest quality outdoor survival gear and service you can find anywhere.

For some people, there is no anticipation or expectation that anything will ever seriously alter the present course of their lives, our society, or the world around us. Yet for others, especially those who have  studied the accumulation of latter-day prophesies that are readily available, or simply see the changing direction of society each day, anxiety over the future well being of the individual, their family, and our nation is increasing. Again, that’s why offers you the wide assortment of outdoor survival gear that we do.

As all can readily see from our homepage slogan on, “WHEN THE TIME OF NEED IS HERE, THE TIME FOR PREPARATION IS PAST”, many would agree there’s a lot of truth in these words. For those who are concerned about the future and their personal welfare, safety and survival, should an unimaginable event eventually come to pass, this is a call to action. To do all you can to prepare.

For what, some may ask? How will you and  your family survive should the time come when there is nothing left on the store shelve, or available on the web to buy, at any price? How will you find what you need to survive such a challenging time. That’s why is here. These words are not here to haunt you but perhaps, in some small way, if they can move just one person to think ahead to plan and prepare, we will consider this small effort a success.

Some of us at have fought in war, we have some idea of what the absence of law and order looks and feels like. It’s not a pretty sight. While the future is not an easy view to see with any assurance, perhaps the biggest mistake of all is to assume that nothing will ever change it. To assume our life, and the world around us as we know it, will always remain the same. To assume that the air we breath, the home and family we have, or hope to have, the life we enjoy, will always be there. That’s not an assumption is willing to bet on.

That’s why exists. Because we know, from personal experience, what it’s like to live in the fog of war, part of which almost always involves civil disobedience and anarchy. That’s why we search for the best of the best and most reliable outdoor survival gear, that each of you can depend on when the going gets tough, and the tough and the wise, are prepared to get going.

If there is any particular outdoor survival product that you can see we have not yet included on our website, please email us so we can do our best to find what you need. We don’t pretend to have all the answers. We believe we have some. That’s why we offer the breathe of survival gear on that we do. We anticipate a continued search to increase the wide selection and high quality gear you each deserve.  With your help, we hope will be the “go to” place for you to find and purchase all that you will ever need to intelligently prepare.

With any luck, you will be able to bequeath your Prime Outdoor Survival Gear to your children, so they can continue to be prepared in your absence. On the other hand, if and when the unimaginable event occurs in your life and the world around us, you will be prepared.

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