Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene is one aspect of emergency survival that will not likely be easy to maintain when that unimaginable catastrophe interrupts our “normal” lives. Can you imagine prioritizing a shower in your life, when the very survival of you and your family is at stake. Taking a daily shower or bath to maintain a tolerable level of personal Hygiene is probably a common, every day occurrence at presence, right! So, if and when that life altering catastrophe interrupts our life, and likely the lives of out community, state and even the nation, we may well no longer have a house or apartment to go home too. We may consider ourselves fortunate if we are able to take an outdoor shower once a week, or maybe even once a month.  A dip in a creek might be more likely option to temporarily get rid of  our growing body stench that surely will trouble all of us, and those around us.

For anyone who has experience military service, they may have already had to deal with personal Hygiene for days, or even weeks in the field without being able to bath or shower. It can be done, when staying alive is a higher priority. But, even in conditions like this, many people will do their best to shave, wipe their bodies down with a wet cloth or towel, any measure that can be taken to feel that tiny bit of refreshing oneself.

It’s still possible, but not without some degree of planning and considerable effort.