ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GEAR includes a wide array of survival gear specially targeted to the emergency market for Peppers. Included in this grouping are: Various configurations of First Aid Kits, Basic and Deluxe Emergency Bug-Out Bags and Survival Kits, as well as specifically designed Auto Emergency Packs.

ESSENTIAL SURVIVAL GEAR also includes Potassium Iodate (Ki03) tablets that will shield or block the thyroid organ and prevent it from absorbing radioactive Iodine, should a nuclear fallout or emergency occur. This is a far more superior form of Ki (Potassium) from Legacy Food Storage. Perfect for a first aid kit or 72 hour kit, and these are essential when planning for that unimaginable catastrophe. These tablets can protect those you love most!

Add to this Category, Solar lighting for the home and emergency field needs, Thera Fuel for heating your freeze dried meal, and deep well pumps, should the need arise to scavenger available water sources.

The challenge is to do your best to anticipate the needs you and your family will have if and when the unimaginable catastrophe lands on your doorstep one day. Some people may consider those who take the time, effort and make investment to prepare for a host of unknown potential disasters that could very likely to cross our paths in the future, as paranoid.

If and when such an event occurs, it may be those “OTHERS” that are thinking about the website slogan: “WHEN THE TIME OF NEED IS HERE, THE TIME FOR PREPARATION IS PAST.”