Water Storage Boxes

 The 5-Gallon Water Storage Boxes from Legacy Premium are the ultimate in space-saving and efficient water storage. It is well known that Water storage is essential for an emergency. Most experts agree that having at least 1 gallon of water per day per person is essential for survival. Each 5 gallon water storage box will store  and has an easy access spigot to get to your water supply. Start your water storage today!

Remember, a person can survive here weeks without food, BUT only three days without water. So, this commodity takes some serious planning if you and your family are to survive that unimaginable catastrophe. Remember-Water Storage Boxes.

Water storage containers available on this website range from a 5 GA “Jerry” can, to 15 and 150 GA plastic storage containers made from Heavy Duty, BPA Free, Food Grade Plastic.

Water is one of those survival items you either have for don’t and have.


Larry T.

Verified Buyer
4 star rating
Legacy food and survival products. Quality and prompt delivery
Good Quality, clean good travel size or short time home storage . No bung wrench and spiget but 40 to 55 gallon longer term water storage would supplement this nicely. I will have to shop for a deal on this later on. Thank you for prompt delivery.

Frank J.

Verified Buyer
5 star rating
Works great and well-made next
Works great and well-made next I’m going to buy the 160 gallon storage container