Tents come in many shapes, sizes and functions, all of which are designed to provide personal or group protection from the elements of nature, as well as a place of privacy, which would otherwise be unavailable in the outdoors.

As part of survival planning and preparation, it may be necessary to include more than one size and style of Tent in an individual’s disaster plan. If there are several members in a family, for instance, the parents may prefer to have their own, separate tent, while several other Tents may be necessary for the rest of the family. Yet for other families, maybe a two-room tent will be sufficient. For a single person, perhaps a lightweight, single sleeping bag tent may be preferred to help lighten the overall load weight being carried.

Depending on the size of the group in a given survival situation, Tents may be required to provide a separate kitchen, or eating tent. The variations are endless, so care should be given to each situation and the shelters  needed to accommodate the anticipated needs.