Solar Lighting & Chargers

Solar Lights & Energy includes the Solar Storm 100 watt solar panels. An ideal charging solution for the Kodiak Solar Generator. Durable, light, rigid, mountable and portable. Daisy-chain them in parallel for up to 600 watts of solar charging power. Included with your 100 watt panel is a 30′ connecting cable, or in other words, everything you need to plug in and go!

Solar Lights & Energy also includes the Kodiak Solar Generator Kit. The perfect emergency power solution. With lithium ion battery technology, it provides 1100 kilowatt-hours (1.1kWh) of electricity and 1500 watt output. Weighing in at only 20 pounds! Compare to other solar generators on the market that weigh upwards of 150 lbs.

This is just one of many testimonies that can give a prospective buyer an idea of what to expect from this amazing piece of power gear.

Doug S.

Verified Buyer
5 star rating
More Than I Hoped For
The Inergy Kodiak is not my first foray into off-grid solar. My current system does a great job of backup power, but is bulky and quite heavy. The Kodiak is amazingly light and easily “unplugged” from the system. That offers automotive backup on critical trips as well as handheld power to support small jobs with standard electrical tools in remote are as of the property. It saves having to buy separate battery powered hand tools (which are infrequently used). It is just as easy to “plug back in” to its expansion batteries, so I have backup power even while the mobile unit recharges. The Kodiak’s flexibility would have made it a great place to start in the world of solar.