Sleeping Gear

Sleeping Gear, including a sleeping bag, ground pad, liners, pillows, the list goes on. This gear is highly personal and depends on an individuals preference and requirements. Is a single mummy bag the choice, or an attached, two person rectangular sleeping bag. The option list is endless.

Important in determining the choice of Sleeping Gear, among other things are the anticipated temperatures to be encountered, time of year, elevation, above or below the tree line. Is a goose down preferred, or man-made batting? When contemplating a surviving a catastrophic event that forces you out of your home into the primitive outdoors, perhaps consideration of Sleeping  requirements should be in view to the possible worst case scenario. If all the gear you have is going to be carried in a 60 liter backpack for example, there will only be room for one sleeping bag. If the choice of transport is going to be a car or truck, additional options open up. 

With each piece of gear included in an individual’s survival plan, care should be taken  to become very familiar with each item in advance. Sleeping choices can only be truly evaluated by sleeping in them, on top of the pad of choice, to determine if it truly meets the individuals need.