Pet Emergency Kits

Pet Emergency Kits come in a Basic and Deluxe model, specifically designed so you can take care of your Dog and/or Cat at the same time as your family. Emergency circumstances impact the littler four legged creatures as well as our families.

Legacy Premium Pet Emergency Kits carries two different designs, one for dogs and one for cats. For many families, pets are like children and having the necessary emergency supplies for them is a must. Legacy Premium has designed a basic and a deluxe version.

If you don’t care about the welfare of your pet(s), then you won’t need these kits. However, for some it’s important for your pets to have the needed support when  the SHTF. That’s when you’ll want one of these kits for each pet.

It’s like so many other items of gear one needs to plan ahead for so you are prepared, in depth, if and when the unimaginable catastrophe impacts your life, and the life of your family.

Can you imagine how you will feel, should this life altering emergency impact your life. You have made it where you want to go, with the supplies and gear. Everything you planned on taking with you was executed “perfectly”. Then you remembered, you left “snuggles” behind, in the collapsing home. How will you feel? More importantly, how will your kids feel?

The rational mind can, perhaps, rationalize away the “left behind” pet. BUT, good luck on getting the younger one(s) to your way of thinking.