Illumination - Head Mounted / Hand-Held / Hanging

Head Mounted /Hand-Held / Hanging Illumination gear are essential pieces of gear for survival planning and preparation. If everything you needed to do in implementing your survival plan could be accomplished in the daylight, that would be great. But obviously there is no way to anticipate when that unimaginable event will touch your life. So, Head Mounted /Hand-Held / Hanging Illumination gear like this will be indispensable for night operations and navigation. Simply handling anything and everything in the night will require illumination of one kind or another.

Hand held flashlights or headlamps will likely be needed, unless you have an exceptionally bright moon-light to guide your way. Whether in a tent, or on the move at night, Head Mounted /Hand-Held / Hanging Illumination will most likely be a necessity. You might need to be dealing with serious first aid/trauma requirements, or searching for a loved-one in the dark, illumination will most likely be very important to you.

Do your best to anticipate the various circumstances you might be confronted  with if/or when that time comes, especially at night. If you’re going to assume anything, assume that you will not have access to any retail business to purchase what you can then see as highly necessary and essential gear. This Illumination has no substitute.