Fishing Gear & Accessories

Fishing Gear & Accessories is one way to provide food for yourself and family as a supplement to pre-stored provisions which you hopefully had been able to stock up with ahead of time. If fishing has not been “your thing’, if you’re willing to learn, it wouldn’t hurt to get with someone who has experience, so you might at least have the essential tools on hand.

It might also be helpful to learn how to properly clean and cook a fish. there are a number of options, one is to cook the fish in an open fire, yes IN an open fire.  Wrapped in foil, with a little seasoning: part of the Accessories of Fishing Gear & Accessories.

Besides the rod and a reel, you might want to include a fileting knife in order to more easily clean a fish, along with a role of tin foil. Wrapping the fish in foil with seasoning and some butter or margarine, can result in a very tender and tasty dinner. Again, part of the accessories of Fishing Gear & Accessories.