Fire Starters Tools

Fire Starters Essentials are a critical piece of your emergency survival gear, for without the ability to start a fire for warmth and cooking, you are likely to remain very uncomfortable. While during warmer weather, fire may not be so much a need for creature comfort, as it is for cooking and meal preparation in general.

Fire Starters Essentials can take the form of matches, preferably water proof, or stored in a water-proof container. It can take the form of a cigarette lighter with ample supply of lighter fluid. It could take the form of an emergency magnesium Fire Starter stick with striker. Whatever your choice, it is important to have the means and knowledge of how to prepare an wood-fueled fire. The following website may be of help for those who have yet to start a wood-fueled campfire.

It may look simple at first, wood/match=fire right. Well, there is actually more to it than that, especially if your dealing with damp wood, wind and limited kindling. The lower limbs of dead trees could be a source of drier wood, from kindling to small branches to larger logs that could be expected to burn for a considerable time. Practice makes perfect, as they say. Try and try again until you can build a wood-fueled fire with success and confidence.