Eco Gel Toilet Set

The Legacy Premium Eco Gel Toilet Set addresses a challenge every emergency situation will  face sooner or later. It’s all just a matter of time. For health and hygiene reasons, this is one area of survival preparation that is a MUST to include in any plan. Yes, you could go dig a hole somewhere and accomplish the task that way. But we’re not describing a method to be used when other people are doing the same thing, digging a hole. If everyone’s resorting to the same choice, where you are could quickly become a location where you absolutely don’t want to be. Eco Gel Toilet Set is a safe, healthy and hygienic solution.

You never know when a disaster may come, especially when it comes to sanitation. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and backed up sewers may happen at any time. In situations like this, flushing the toilet may simply not be an option. With this Toilet Set from Legacy, you will always have an easy, mess free way to deal with waste. With liner bags, Eco Gel, and simple sanitation supplies, all of your basic bathroom needs can be taken care of.

With this Toilet Set is a revolutionary new product that makes disposable of waste a breeze, especially during an emergency. Each Eco Gel Stick (20 included) is a pain-free way to treat up to 1 gallon of waste each time. Simply pour the EcoGel powder into your waste to solidify the moisture. This allows you to seal the toilet liner and easily dispose of it. Clean, simple, effective!