Deep Well Hand Pump

Deep Well Hand Pump is a piece of gear is the ultimate dream of many Preppers. Not only to have their own well for a constant supply of water. But having a sturdy, affordable emergency hand well pump that easily fits their well is the key to survival.

Legacy’s hand pump is lightweight, requires no assembly or drilling into your well cover to install, easily adjusts to the depth of your well (25, 50  or 100 feet) and is highly affordable. Check out the features listed in the products description and get the best hand well pump on the market!

Water is the single, most critical part of you emergency survival plan. The human body can only survive three days without water, but can survive three weeks without food. So, the Preppers ability to tap into the old fashioned water well could be life saving. Like so many other items of gear in an emergency survival situation, should you find a water well but it’s out of reach with any tool you have, it might as well not be there, for any good it will do you.

That’s where Legacy’s Deep Well Hand Pump could be a life saver. It’s light weight and ease of portability make it an irreplaceable piece of your Prepper survival gear. This Deep Well Hand Pump can draw water from a deep well when all else fails.

One may ask, how often do I come across a water well where I could use this device. Well, in a survival situation, desperate means call for desperate measures. It could be an open well, a deep spring located beyond reach in the mountains, or even a fresh spring located some distance below you survival camp. With the Deep Well Hand Pump, water might be syphoned up to your camp level.