Cooking/Eating Essentials

Cooking/Eating Essentials may not be a matter of life or death when it comes to survival planning and execution, but it sure helps to make eating more pleasant and nourishing. An important part of setting up a viable campsite is planning and organizing a functional kitchen. For whoever is doing the cooking, having the needed pots, pans and utensils available makes the world of difference when the time comes to concert freeze-dried meals into food that is healthy, nourishing and yummy.

Cooking/Eating Essentials will become important the moment we intend on having an outdoor breakfast of eggs and hash browns, only to discover that someone  forgot to bring a frying pan, Oops. Whoever is doing the cooking will not likely be a happy camper. So, think ahead, plan ahead, so even under the most trying circumstances, you can still try to maintain a bearable life.

Why are Cooking/Eating Essentials important? Remember the old adage, an army moves on it’s stomach, meaning if you don’t get the food you need in the quantity and quality required, your performance may be less that needed.