CAMP GEAR & ACCESSORIES from include a broad category of equipment and supplies that will be important to accumulate and know how to use, before that unimaginable even occurs in our lives. Better to be as prepared as possible with what you can afford, rather than face any cataclysmic event we might be faced with nothing. Imagine, standing there, watching the world as we now know it, collapsing around you and your family, and you’ve done nothing to prepare and anticipate the possibility of this event that may well be taking place right before your very eyes at that moment.

How will you feel then, more importantly what will you do then? It may probably be far to late for the “wish I had” thinking. CAMP GEAR & ACCESSORIES are intended to include subcategories of gear needed to set up and maintain a survival camp.

CAMP GEAR & ACCESSORIES are intended to provide, hopefully, some helpful direction to assist the uninitiated in survival planning and preparation management. For others, it is hoped is a useful resource to carry out the plans you are already executing to provide for and protect you and your family.