Specialty Hiking Backpacks

This sub-category Specialty Hiking Backpacks, includes a variety of different pack designs for TRAUMA and EMERGENCY FIRST AID, SLING AND WAIST backpacks, as well as light weight HUNTING backpacks. Some of these backpacks may be included in other categories like First Aid and Trauma,

Due to the relatively wide range of applications these pack can be used for, an attempt will be made here to provide a somewhat brief description / explanation for each.

Lets begin with WAIST PACKS, also referred to as fanny-packs or butt-packs. Wearing one of these Specialty Hiking Backpacks provides a compact, light-weight, not to mention, convenient option for carrying your personal belongings  with you. While these external cargo cases may be viewed by some as somewhat primitive, in the conditions where survival is the primary objective, what other people may or may not think, is truly and completely irrelevant. When the time comes for that unimaginable event to occur, the last thing anyone else is going to be concerned with is what anyone else may think about what you are wearing around you body.

Some of the other, non-standard packs, like sling packs, or other types of Specialty Hiking Backpacks, like trauma/first aid packs carrying, what can readily be described as life-saving gear, will likely never become anything others will be concerned about in circumstances where one’s very survival is at stake. In fact, in those conditions, if you’re carrying any kind of medical supplies that could provide medical assistance to someone who has been wounded, you will probably be a very popular person, and one in great demand.