Rehydration Backpacks

Rehydration Backpacks are designed specifically to transport water, as well as your the ability to sip water from a drinking tube connected directly to the water reservoir located inside these Backpacks. These packs also include features like an on/off bite valve, switches to open or close water flow through the tube, as well as a convenient and easy quick-disconnect tubing.

Please be aware that while not all daypacks and backpacks come with a rehydration reservoir, many of the later designs do include a separate  sleeve, or long pocket where a rehydration reservoir, purchased separately. This addition then converts any adaptable   daypack/backpack, into these Backpacks .

Reservoirs are typically available in 0.5 liter, 1.5 liter, 2 liter and 3 liter capacities. In choosing which volume reservoir you want to select, remember that water has a weight factor that must be considered. Each liter of water weights about 2 pounds, so you will need to consider that fact, in light of the distance you plan to hike and whether or not you will be able to refill the reservoir along the way. If you anticipate a journey where you will need two liters of water and you have a three liter reservoir in your theseBackpacks, you can choose to fill it with two liters, reducing the weight while insuring adequate water is available. This insures you still have a 3 liter capacity for longer journeys.

Rehydration Backpacks come in a variety of reservoir and cargo capacities, depending on the various survival needs you doing your best to plan ahead for. While several recreational rehydration waist packs, vests, reservoir volume options, etc. are available, these products are not included here, since perhaps focusing on the largest reservoir volume and cargo space in your these Backpacks is the priority.