72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks

72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks from PrimeOutdoorSurvivalGear.com are designed and intended to provide a person the necessary gear to survive the first three days (72 Hours), should your life be impacted by that unimaginable event that significantly disrupts the normal function of society. If possible,  72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks should be kept within in arms reach. Many will store this in their vehicle, or their office or workplace away from home.

Additional personal gear may be needed in addition to your 72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks. For example, if electrical power and/or private or public transportation is no longer available. You might want to ensure you have proper shoes, clothing, water, etc., especially if you should be in a location from which you might need to walk some distance to get to  your home. There are plenty of reasons to keep 72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks handy, it’s a good place to start.

Of course, it is always our hope and prayer that such circumstances will never confront us or those we love and care about. BUT, as the PrimeOutdoorSurvivalGear.com slogan states: “WHEN THE TIME OF NEED IS HERE, THE TIME FOR PREPARATION IS PASSED.” Imagine, if you can, what life and society would be like if everything you now take for granted each day as being “normal”, is suddenly taken away from you and your family. 72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks can provide the very basic essentials for a modest cost. There are a number of things in nature, not to mention the designs of evil people, who would like nothing better than to change or destroy the status-quo of our society, our economy, our government, our very freedom itself, etc. There are plenty of reasons to keep 72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks near by.

Some might choose to think such a scenario is impossible to come about in this “modern society” of ours. That we are too well protected for any such man-made catastrophes. Nature is an entirely different story. Who can say if or when the Yellowstone Super Volcano will decide to irrupt. Or if the national debt might cause the U.S. economy to tank, taking our economy and our income from employment with it. Again, there are plenty of reasons to keep 72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks near by.

As time moves on, anyone who is paying attention to events going on within America, not to mention the growing international instability, any of which could well result in potentially catastrophic changes that could severely impact our lives, and livelihood. 72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks could well be a life-saver.

Some will say, such concerns are bordering on the side of paranoia. Others would say to have a healthy regard for these, and many other possibilities, and taking the precaution to do our best to anticipate what our needs might be in the midst of such survival conditions, is simply prudent and wise to think about and to prepare as best we can, and can afford. 72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks are a wise beginning.

Imagine what life would be like if somehow, our national power grid was destroyed, for example. No electricity means no mobile phone service, hence no communications, period. No electricity, no way to pump fuel, for personal cars or truck transports that haul our food, fuel and virtually everything else we use every day. All the more reason you may someday need your 72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks.

If one has not been to third-world countries to witness first-hand,  how many people around the globe must live just to survive their “normal” conditions of everyday life, then it may be all the more impossible to imagine such challenging conditions in our very own America. 72 Hr. Bug-Out Backpacks are not a huge investment to have that personal preparation for at least the first 72-hour, should the unimaginable come upon us.