Hiking Backpacks & Bags come in a variety of designs and functions, internal / external frames, rehydration backpacks, first aid, day packs, etc. For emergency survival, it is perhaps recommended that you look over the largest volume capacities you will likely be able to carry, since you’re likely faced with conditions that you want to escape from, or somewhere else you need to flee to  in order improve your chances of safety and survivability.

While it is impossible to anticipate every possible scenario you might be faced with in the future, there are commonalities with many of these potential catastrophic disasters that provide a basis for your gear / food selection so you can get started. Almost all will require Hiking Backpacks & Bags.

To be sure, if the nations power grid goes down because of age or sabotage,  or if an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) from the sun or high altitude nuclear detonation from a hostile nation neutralizes any device with a digital chip in it, what is your plan going to be. No more communication or computers, transportation, gas pumping, food distribution, etc. Life as we now know it will become a thing of history, possibly for up to ten years, since it will take that long to replace some of the major electrical transformers in the current world, let along when no electrical power is generally available. Think i  through?