Survival Seeds

Survival Seeds: A storable garden seed kit is an essential addition to your long-term dried storage supply. Grow your own garden from storable seeds and lengthen out the time your family can survive in a disaster situation.

Legacy Premium’s basic garden seed set includes over 15 types of vegetable favorites and will store 5 or more years long-term. These highly nutritious seeds were chosen for their tenacious growing capability in all regions. Growing/storing booklet included with dried storage seeds.

In addition to the Basic Survival Garden Assortment, there is a Deluxe Garden Survival Storage Seed kit with 80,000 seeds. For flavor and variety, there is the Fruit Garden Storage Sees, Herb Garden Storage Seeds, Medicinal Herb Garden Storage Seeds, and finally the Ultimate Seed Kit that includes Fruit, Herbal, Medicinal, and Vegetable Garden kit.

Testimonials that say, that’s some choice!

Lynne B.

Verified Buyer
5 star rating
Very nice

James H.

Verified Buyer
5 star rating
Basic long term insurance
If the SHTF you may need to be totally self sufficient. For long-term sustainability, growing your own food is essential. The ability to have fresh home-grown food is nutritionally important as well as psychologically sound. So, this small sealed container is just another option for self-preservation with a good selection of vegetable seeds.

Bob J.

Verified Buyer
4 star rating
Basic garden NON-GMO seeds,
This is an absolute must have. Getting back to basics or for feeding your family in an emergency. Great storage container and a strong variety of veggies I’ve been planting for years. Very satisfied and will order the herbs next. Wonderful for a complete healthy collection of nourishment.

Christopher H.

Verified Buyer
5 star rating
seed vault
Well packaged, great addition to my stores and easy to store bucket!