Grab-and-Go Bucket

Single Bucket Grab-and-Go Pack are intended for those  situation where you must evacuate you home immediately. Single, portable, food storage buckets by Legacy food storage make the perfect grab-and-go food pack. Quick, light weight, portable freeze dried meals are perfect for any emergency. The perfect portable food pack for flood, tornado, earthquake and other natural or man-made disasters.

This Category includes:                                                                                              183 Serving Mega Sample Pack, 16 Serving Family Entrée Sample Pack, 32 Serving 72 Hour Emergency Pack, 60 Serving Entrée Bucket, 60 Serving Breakfast Bucket, 120 Serving entrée Bucket, 120 Serving Breakfast Bucket,    79 Serving Chicken/Entrée Bucket Combo, 79 Serving Beef/Entrée Bucket Combo, 58 Serving Chicken/Beed Entrée Combo, 16 Serving Gluten Free Sample Pack, 32 Serving Gluten Free Emergency Food Pack.