Meats (Freeze-Dried Beef/Chicken)

Meats (Freeze-Dried Beef/Chicken) – Legacy Premium Food Storage provides delicious, high-quality meats. These doesn’t have to be a thing of the past when you are in an emergency situation. When you have a supply of Legacy Freeze-Dried Beef in your food storage, you can have hearty, satisfying meals. Meals that include all the protein your body needs to thrive. Add Legacy’s freeze-dried beef to any food storage meals you already have for a nutritiously balanced meal.

Add a delicious supply of Legacy’s Freeze-Dried Chicken to your pantry to ensure your family can get well-rounded nutrition in a disaster. This tender, 100% USDA Freeze Dried Chicken Dices are easy to prepare. They taste great in a variety of dishes, and has up to a 10-15 year shelf life. When you buy Legacy’s food storage chicken supply, you get a premium emergency food source. All part of the Legacy Freeze Dried Meats line-up of quality, tasty food.

Legacy’s Assorted Combination of USDA freeze-dried meat packages comes with a high-quality supply of Tender Beef and Gourmet Chicken. Add these 100% USDA meats to your food storage meals  for an added dose of protein, and make emergency mealtime more enjoyable. Freeze Dried Meats.

Legacy beef and chicken sides are also available packaged in tubs with full meal entrees as well. Delicious!

Why are Freeze Dried Meats not packaged with the entrée meals? Good question? Combining the meats with entrée meals shortens the overall shelf life of both. To achieve the up to 25 year shelf life, and to maintain the delicious flavor of both meats and entrees, they are packaged separately at Legacy Premium Food Storage.