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Legacy Premium Samples come in a variety of sizes from 4 entrée serving packet (Just pay shipping). Stepping up from there is a 16 serving family entrée (breakfast, lunch or gluten free), or a 24 serving assorted sides. For the serious sampler, there’s the 183 serving Mega Pack.

Either way, you are bound to experience the full range of Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Foods.

Maybe you’d be interested in a few customer reviews over time.

Ron C. / Verified Reviewer / 5 star rating / 03/07/18

rice and beans

I was very impressed. I actually want to buy that and use it for non-storage food. It is so good. I’m going to make a dip out of it for Sunday football.

Kirt / 5 star rating / 06/27/14 / 

Good Deal!

Lots of food at a great price. Most importantly this is the only company we found that certifies non-GMO, MSG free and free of other man made chemicals that disrupt the body’s ability to process food, and cause numerous side-effects. When times gets tough in the world, that will be challenging enough, without having added stressors on our bodies with any other food that has all that garbage in it wearing on the body, mind and spirit as well. Thanks

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