Breakfast Meals

Buy the Legacy Premium Freeze-Dried Breakfast, so you don’t have to live without milk during a survival situation.  With the hearty supply of Legacy Premium dry powdered milk included with each breakfast tub ordered. Legacy Premium Freeze-Dried Breakfast has a 160-serving of milk that will add important milk to your dried food storage. Dry milk powder becomes delicious milk simply by adding water and stirringPowdered milk is loaded with protein, vitamins, iron and calcium and will benefit your family alone or with storage cereal/oatmeal/creamy wheat.

Don’t be surprised when this breakfast doesn’t taste like any freeze dried survival meals you tasted before. Legacy Premium Freeze-Dried Breakfast definitely goes outside the “box” to bring you the finest tasting freeze dried food and drink available anywhere. Even the powdered  milk tastes exceptional after reconstituting.

Check out some of the comments from actual Legacy Premium Freeze Dried Food Storage for yourself:

5 star rating

Great Service-All Questions Answered!
Great company to work with. Tried two meals and feeds 4 per pouch easily.

4 star rating

better than expected
Never been a fan of powdered milk before, but now I can at least drink it, this stuff tastes good.

5 star rating

got milk?
Actually tastes better then I expected. I never really loved powdered milk, but this is really good.