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Legacy Drinks & Sides include drinks that provide added vitamins, nutrition and calories for energy in your survival food storage.

Milk – Protein-packed, freeze-dried Legacy Premium Powdered Dry Milk provides a hearty supply of delicious tasking milk with 160-serving supply. This milk will add an important, healthy drink to your dried food storage diet.  Legacy Premium powdered milk is loaded with protein, vitamins, iron and calcium and will benefit your family alone or with storage cereal/oatmeal/creamy wheat.

Coffee-Legacy Premium Food Storage Drinks & Sides also offers a supply of robust, ground coffee for your emergency food storage pantry. This can give coffee drinkers the energy they need to endure difficult times. It can also provide a sense of normalcy and comfort when life is not normal. Add Legacy’s Premium supply of Gourmet Ground Coffee to your survival planning.

Freeze Dried Side Dishes Legacy Premium Food Storage Drinks & Sides also includes several delicious, freeze-Dried Side Dishes. These healthy foods can provide additional nutrients and calories for a more complete and nutritious diet. The 24 Serving Assorted Sides Sample Pack provides a 4 serving pouch of each one of our great side dishes.

Whether you’ve experienced an emergency in the past, or preparing for an unimaginable emergency in the future, you will want to have an assortment of foods in your emergency storage. To have a well stocked emergency food pantry, included a healthy supply of Legacy Premium Food Storage Drinks & Sides.

The name says it all
I tried it, and it taste like real milk, perfect for camping, or emergency.
I can’t rave enough about the taste and quality of this product. Don’t hesitate to buy it! I have completed a very in-depth review with pictures on my blog @ http://twelvestarshomesteading.com/product-review-legacy-food-storage-powdered-milk/
got milk?
Actually tastes better then I expected. I never really loved powdered milk, but this is really good.
Simple to make
Quick to make and tastes good. Can’t complain about that and i hope that it will last 25 years and always taste like real milk.
Couldn’t be more pleased.
Easy to prepare and it tastes great. We put it on cereal for the kids and they didn’t know that it wasn’t fresh milk. Well done.